Modern design cylinder pole
Modern design cylinder pole
Modern design cylinder pole
Modern design cylinder pole

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To minimize the environmental impact of antenna supporting structures, calzavara, has created lancepole vertical architecturally blended cell tower. The result combines technology and functionality with present-day aesthetic needs in both large and small urban areas.

The supporting structure consists of circular tapered, metal shaft sections, which are slip-jointed. No joints are visible on the outer surface of the pole.

The top cylinder is made of Vitroplex, a radio-electrically transparent material that resembles light blue semi-transparent, frosted glass. The top shrouding is hot-formed and firmly fixed. Within the Vitroplex cylinder it is possible to install up to 3 panel antennas in modules A and B and up to 2 Ø 60 cm dish antennas in module C. Floodlights can be installed at the base of the summit cylinder.

Architecturally concealed cell towers

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